Healthy Housing- Amenities to Look Out For

Home is where the heart is. Besides being a person’s biggest financial asset, homeownership also offers privacy, security and acts as a shelter, saving you from the outside elements. Quality of construction, therefore, is of supreme importance. In many housing societies, guidelines and codes often fail to adequately take into account, modern health issues such as depression, asthma and injuries. This is where gated communities come into the picture. Those who own land in gated communities have a flexibility of getting their houses constructed through a contractor or a developer. Experts are hired at different stages of the project completion.

As per Nabil Patel, Director, DB Realty, healthy housing refers to safe, affordable and decent housing that assists in ensuring the well-being of the community as a whole. Housing of better structural quality improves self-efficacy and life satisfaction. When exploring your options for healthy housing, here are a few essential amenities your residential property must offer-

Behavioural analysts believe that art has a huge impact on the quality of life that one leads. Projects featuring artistic landscapes, interactive spaces, and art development centers are always preferred over dull spaces that lack life. Residential projects with an artistic touch also possess the ability to improve the moods of the occupants. An ideal building layout must have ample ventilation and must allow maximum natural light.

Smart Building Designs
Well-planned and spacious building designs that facilitate multilevel parking along with reserved parking for guests are requirements that must not be missed. In addition to this, a community hall or a multipurpose hall where social and business gatherings can be organized is a must. When conceptualized at the project planning stage, such building layouts offer unhindered strolling area within the complex.

Sports and Recreation
Presence of fitness clubs, sports facilities, gymnasium, and meditation room or yoga hall contributes immensely towards a sound lifestyle. Spacious outdoor spaces including segregated parks for kids and sitting areas for senior citizens are an added advantage. An amphitheater or a hobby room can help spend hours of pure joy. Shaded walkways, jogging, and cycling tracks are some other facilities that a health-conscious buyer must always look forward to.

Shopping Arcades and Other Value-Added Facilities
Having a grocery store that’s just around the corner can add to the convenience of buying items of daily needs. The presence of retail kiosks immediately makes a housing society more desirable. Other value-added provisions that make the occupants proud of their possession involve car wash, solar panels, 24*7 water availability, and energy-efficient lobby lights.

With home becoming much more than an inviting and invigorating sanctuary, industry leaders such as Nabil Patel of DB Realty have successfully been able to develop residential complexes that offer the best of world-class amenities required for an enriched lifestyle.