Mr. Vinod Goenka
Managing Director

With over 3 decades of experience in real estate and hospitality, Mr. Vinod Goenka's vision and dynamic leadership has powered the DB Realty Group. He has driven over 20 million sqft of development including several major hotel projects. He was instrumental in listing the company on the bse and nse in 2010.

Mr. Shahid Balwa
Managing Director

Mr. Shahid Usman Balwa, vice chairman & managing director of DB Realty Ltd., comes with over 20 years of experience in the hospitality and construction industry. Mr. Balwa has contributed to db group’s expansion and growth through the construction of several residential and commercial buildings and acquisition of properties.

Mr. Nabil Patel
Director - Sales and Marketing

Mr. Nabil Y. Patel is the Director of Sales & Marketing and Business Development at DB Realty Ltd. Under his revered leadership, the real estate company has sold apartments worth Rs. 7000 crores.

Mr. Asif Balwa
Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Asif Balwa, 49, is in charge of the department of finance at DB Realty Ltd. Having been appointed as the Executive Director on September 01, 2007, he took upon the core responsibilities of Finance and Account/Audit. Later on, he served as the Chief Financial Officer of DB Realty from September 15th 2009 to November 12th 2011.